Fat Stripper PRO BURN


Blocks & burns fat like no other supplement
Very strong, ideal for professional bodybuilders
10 rare fat burning ingredients
2 months’ supply

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Fat Stripper PRO BURN

by LA MUscle

Fat Stripper® PRO BURN is a VERY STRONG and fast-acting professional grade weight loss and six pack supplement. Fat Stripper® PRO BURN blocks fat from getting absorbed and is also a multi-action extremely powerful fat burner. It can be taken by men and women. 100% natural and safe.

The strongest PROFESSIONAL-GRADE fat burner on the market

Fat stripper® PRO BURN has been designed to be the strongest all-action fat burner available on the market today. You get 10 rare, exclusive and ultra powerful ingredients working together to not only burn fat from all over your body including abs, thighs and chin, but to also block fat from getting absorbed into your body in the first instance.

No other formula has these expensive and unique ingredients and no other formula works as fast. Fat Stripper® PRO BURN contains 10 ingredients (yes 10) that work in synergy to get you ripped, shredded and looking like you are ready to go on stage. Get your six pack showing in record time and lose weight from EVERYWHERE. Fat Stripper® PRO BURN makes a big promise and delivers BIG TIME. Nothing else natural is stronger. This is a 100% guarantee by LA Muscle®.

Just look at these 10 exclusive weight loss and fat burning ingredients

L-Tyrosine – Wonder supplement for increasing motivation and boosting your metabolism to burn more fat.
Guarana – The strongest caffeine mega-booster you can get. Ideal for weight loss and increased energy.
African Mango – Scientifically proven to help you lose as much as 20% fat within a very short time.
Raspberry Fruit – Raspberry Ketones are known for regulating your metabolism and helping you burn more fat.
Green Coffee Bean – Very strong fat burning ingredient as used in LA Muscle’s award-winning Slimgum.
Acetyle L-Carnitine – A great fat burner for significant weight loss.
Chitosan – The best fat blocker you can get. Stop fat from getting absorbed in the first place.
Cayenne – The original powerful calorie-burner and all-round fat burner.
Kelp – Used to stimulate the thyroid gland and a very potent weight loss ingredient.
Chromium – Regulates your entire system to store more muscle mass and let go of more body-fat.

Treat yourself to 2 months of UNBELIEVABLE fat loss – 100% guaranteed

Big claims backed up by big results. Make no mistake, when you take Fat Stripper® PRO BURN, you start seeing weight loss within as little as 1-2 days. This is a big promise and it is backed up by LA Muscle’s 100% guarantee that if you don’t love this incredible supplement, you will get ALL of your money back, even if you have used the whole tub.

Don’t waste your money on cheaper or ineffective so-called fat burners full of nothing but weak ingredients or fillers. Take the real deal from LA Muscle, the most trusted and reputable name in sports nutrition since 1997. Order Fat Stripper® PRO BURN today and start burning serious fat from tomorrow. This is an all-in-one fat blocker, fat burner and six pack developer. Mega-strength and 100% safe and natural.


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