Amino Energy Tea Series Optimum Nutrition

by Predator Nutrition

BCAA drink for energy, endurance and recovery


The highly anticipated Tea Series from Optimum Nutrition. Combines the great supplement profile of the Amino Energy series, with the delicious flavours of tea. Mix Essential Amino Energy anytime you need physical energy, mental drive or enhanced recovery.

Favourite herbal tea flavours with energy
The Essential Amino energy combines a unique ratio of natural energy compounds, nitric oxide (NO) boosting ingredients with micronized free-form amino acids for rapid absorption. The tea series is introducing our favourite herbal tea flavours with naturally derived energy from coffee and tea to create a drink that can help you to reach new levels with your training, or give you more focus during the day.

NO synthesis, focus and energy
Amino Energy contains carnosyn, a precursor to carnosine and derivative of beta-alanine, which is a highly powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory found in muscles, but gives you that tingly feeling of other pre-workouts.

Old school preworkout, now even better taste
Amino energy is another great Optimum supplement and one which will win fans for anyone wanting a lower stim preworkout which works the fundamentals better than anything else.


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