Hair Care Max


  • The ultimate hair support supplement for men
  • Promotes healthy hair growth, strength and elasticity
  • Added Vitamin C and D for greater nutritional benefit
  • Made in the UK to strict GMP standards
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Hair Care Max for Men

by Simply Supplements

Hair Care Max is an advanced combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals designed to help promote healthy hair growth in male customers.  Hair Care Max for Men tablets are renowned for the nutritional content they possess. Hair Care Max tablets provide beneficial levels of biotin, zinc and selenium, all of which, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair. Vitamin D has been added to help support normal cell division inside the hair follicles and Vitamin C has been included to promote the normal function of the skin and scalp.

In addition to those essential micronutrients, specialist ingredients such as silica, grapeseed extract and a range of amino acids have been included in the formulation to ensure a comprehensive and high quality end product for our male customers.

Should I Take Hair Care Max Tablets?

The resident team of expert nutritionists at Simply Supplements have exclusively formulated Hair Care Max for Men tablets to provide the ultimate concoction of nutrients to help promote healthy hair growth. If you are looking to help support your hair and scalp health, these Hair Care Max for Men tablets could be the next best addition to your diet.


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