Weight Loss


Free form amino acids for rapid digestibility
Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs
CarnoSyn for enhanced endurance and speed
Sugar free and only 10kcal per serving
Unique and natural Flavours
Caffeine for focus and concentration
Boosts Nitric oxide for better training pumps


A patent-pending and proprietary thermogenic blend that ignites fat burning, improves energy for optimal workouts, increases feelings of fullness, and reduces hunger with minimum jitters or agitation*.


THE PROTEIN WORKS™ sets the standards for the purest highly concentrated CLA tablets. These Conjugated Linoleic Acid soft-gels have been used in health and sports nutrition for years for such things as improving body composition. CLA is ideal for use for those with weight loss and fat loss goals. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in beef and cheese, and with the help of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ you are able to consume 1000mg of confidence boosting CLA per soft-gel capsule. Click on the Product to see full information for your absolute peace of mind.

$29.00 $23.00

Healthy energy support in easy-to-use powder packs with a delicious kiwi strawberry flavor*

  • Boosts healthy energy levels with a synergistic blend of amino acids, yerba mate, green tea extract, and three forms of ginseng*
  • Contains 4Life Transfer Factor® to support the immune system*
  • Supports memory, alertness, and mood*

Advanced weight loss and thermogenesis
Ultimate neurosensory experience
Enhance mental focus
Maintain high energy even during a diet
Fully disclosed ingredients with no blends

$478.90 $389.90

This indoor cycle was designed for occasional to regular use. It has been tested for an average use of five hours a week.

At 20 kg, this model is very stable and light. The comfortable saddle is height- and depth-adjustable for maximum comfort.


Low-fat, low-calorie meal replacement drink to consume during fitness, training and weight loss programs.


Thermopro Is A Potent Performance Formula Packed With 15 Of The Most Tried And Tested Extracts, Amino Acids, Vitamins And Minerals. Supplied in a convenient capsule format, it is popular as a pre-workout supplement, designed to optimise performance by reducing tiredness and fatigue, supporting energy production and mental performance. Pre-workouts were reinvented the day Thermopro left the TPW™ Lab. Packed with 15 of the most tried and tested vitamins, amino acids and extracts to hit the diet industry in the last 10 years,


USN Green Tea – 90 Tablets USN Green Tea tablets is food supplement formula to assist weight loss. High in antioxidants, raises metabolism and energy levels.

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