12 American Made Furniture Brands For 2023

Furniture Made In The USA

We’re taking sustainable and ethical shopping to the next level. Too often, we find mass-produced products lining shelves and being sold at exorbitant prices, only to fall apart after a year or two. But that doesn’t have to be the case—we have plenty of brands with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship made right here in the USA.

We’ve found 12 American-made furniture shops, many of them through Etsy, and we’re excited to feature these brands for their innovative styles, incredible work ethic, and sustainable sourcing.

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1. Maiden Home

Furniture Type | Sofas, sectionals, chairs
Features | Made in the USA, natural & sustainable materials, nontoxic
Where to Buy | Online; showrooms in Chicago, LA, and Boston
Price | $975 (chair)–$3400 (sectional)

Handcrafted in the hills of North Carolina and Virginia, Maiden Home is revolutionizing the furniture industry. The line of sofas, sectionals, and chairs are made to order and you can even include your own custom fabrics and materials. The company works with skilled furniture craftsmen who’ve learned these traditions over generations, so you’ll receive the highest quality without the retail markup.

Shop Maiden Home Furniture

2. NorthField

Furniture Type | Kitchen tables, desks, tables, kitchen island
Features | Made in the USA, natural & recycled materials, VOC-free
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $649 (desk)–$1045 (dining table)

Since 2004, NorthField has been using recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged woods to create stunning wood furniture. Run as a small family shop in Chicago, it uses eco-friendly finishes and materials without VOC, ensuring a safe and healthy home. The most popular items include rustic kitchen tables and naturally styled desks, making you feel right at home. Customers love the fast delivery, woodsy smell, and easy assembly—this furniture is well worth the investment.

Shop NorthField Furniture

3. Sabai

Furniture Type | Seating
Features | Made in the USA, sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $445 (ottoman)–$1995 (sectional)

Sabai makes beautifully designed, affordable furniture that doesn’t threaten our earth. The company keeps it simple with only a sofa, sectional, and ottoman, but the pieces are customizable because you get to pick your cushions, fabric, and legs. Made in North Carolina, Sabai uses FSC Certified wood, velvet made from recycled water bottles, and certiPUR-US certified foam. Deliveries are plastic-free and arrive in 100 percent recycled boxes, and Sabai also carbon offsets all its shipments. Plus, if you (or your pet) are prone to accidents, the pieces are water-repellent and scratch-proof.

Shop Sabai

4. Burrow

Furniture Type | Sofas, ottomans, sectionals
Features | Made in the USA, sustainable and recycled materials, nontoxic
Where to Buy | Online, showrooms in various states
Price | $295 (ottoman)–$5995 (sectional)

With Burrow, you don’t have to decide between cheap and flimsy or heavy and expensive. Made in the USA using sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging, the custom sofas, ottomans, and sectionals are delivered right to your door and can be assembled in just 10 minutes. Best of all, the modular design means you can rearrange the furniture as necessary. Plus, Burrow has added some clever and functional qualities: hidden USB chargers, stain-resistant cushions, and insane durability.

Shop Burrow Furniture


Furniture Type | Sofas, tables, beds, shelves
Features | Made in the USA, nontoxic, eco-friendly sourcing
Where to Buy | Online; showrooms in California, New York, Texas, & more
Price | $185 (side table)–$1695 (sofa with chaise)

FLOYD wants to fix the culture of disposability by creating meaningful design-forward pieces. The company offers simple, timeless pieces that are long-lasting and have intuitive assembly. The designs are also modular so you can easily opt for one of the company’s add-ons, like an under-bed storage unit or chaise for the sofa. Designed in Michigan and manufactured with partners across the US, FLOYD strives to implement environmentally responsible sourcing and its materials include nontoxic, stain-resistant fabrics and FSC Certified American walnut veneer.


6. What We Make

Furniture Type | Tables, seating, storage, beds
Features | Made in the USA, reclaimed materials, nontoxic
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $95 (shelves)–$3975 (bed frame with drawers)

What We Make is a family-owned and -operated furnishing company that focuses on using reclaimed materials. Based in Chicago, it makes finely crafted pieces, from bars and benches to coffee tables and media consoles. It also shares details about the kind of wood used (like reclaimed oak, maple, and pine), where the wood is from (including Tennessee and Northern Ohio), and how old it is—sometimes as much as 100 years! Plus, the adhesives are VOC-free and the finishes use plant-based oils.

Shop What We Make

7. Appel

Furniture Type | Desks, shelves, stands
Features | Made in the USA, natural materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $125 (side table)–$679 (dining set)

Tyler and Lindsey Appel began Appel as a side hustle, and now they’ve sold more than 2,000 items across the country. Woodworking was originally a hobby of Tyler’s, and after quitting his stressful job, Appel has grown to be one of the most well-known furniture shops in Florida. Based in North Sarasota, the made-to-order furniture includes desks, shelves, and even iPad stands, all made with a distressed and vintage feel.

Shop Appel Furniture

8. Modern Cre8ve

Furniture Type | Dining tables, coffee tables, benches, beds
Features | Made in the USA, natural materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $148 (plant stand)–$12,860 (dining table)

Modern Cre8ve hails from Ohio and handcrafts furniture that’s both functional and timeless. The hardwood furniture is made with locally sourced hardwood lumber from Amish country and steel from the Cleveland area. We love the modern design infused with old-school wood, creating some of the most beautiful and eclectic furniture you’ve ever seen. Plus, the brand gives back too: a portion of profits are donated to Save the Children, so you’ll feel as stylish as you do impactful.

Shop Modern Cre8ve Furniture

9. Greta De Parry

Furniture Type | Stools, bar carts
Features | Made in the USA, natural materials, woman-owned business
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $399 (stool)–$1999 (bar cart)

At The Good Trade, we get especially excited seeing women-owned businesses, and Greta de Parry is no exception. Winner of Best Furniture from Dwell Magazine, Greta handcrafts contemporary furniture with a functional purpose. With a background in Sculpture and Designed Objects, Greta is an expert woodworker who aims to go beyond the grain. Her stunning stools and bar carts, made with handcast concrete and solid steel, are sure to be conversation starters in your kitchen.

Shop Greta De Parry Furniture

10. Crafts Manhattan

Furniture Type | Tables, end tables, nightstands
Features | Made in the USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $220 (side table)–$2900 (dining table)

Don’t be thrown off by the name: Crafts Manhattan is actually based out of Los Angeles, CA. Between Patrick, Lex, and a three-generation family of manufacturers, they embrace everything it means to be a community. The line of end tables, nightstands, and dining tables embody contemporary and modern styles with a minimalistic twist. What we love most are the edge side tables, made with wood or concrete—each one is custom and unique.

Shop Crafts Manhattan Furniture

11. Copeland

Furniture Type | Collections for bedroom, living room, dining, and home office
Features | Made in the USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online and in store (varies across country)
Price | $700 (chair)–$5500 (bed)

Copeland isn’t only a furniture store—it’s also the largest employer in a little Vermont town. The sustainable wood furniture is inspired by the company’s natural Bradford, VT environment and comes within 500 miles of its factory. Whether you’re looking for a classic dining set or a modern home office desk, Copeland has the style and quality that you’re looking for. You can find the collections online, in stores, and through retailers like Wayfair. It truly embodies what it means to be American made.

Shop Copeland Furniture

12. Egg Collective

Furniture Type | Sofas & sectionals, chairs, stools, tables, desks, and mirrors
Features | Made in the USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online, showroom in NYC
Price | $1500 (lamp)–$21,000 (dining table)

Started by three female designers in 2011, Egg Collective is a New York-based furniture and woodshop that combines natural materials like wood, stone, and metal into simple forms. Perhaps the most “millennial” of these brands, the style adds gold and geometric patterns to handcrafted furniture designed to withstand the test of time. All finishes are hand-applied and if you want the piece to be uniquely you, Egg Collective offers customizations on certain products.

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