If you really need to squeeze in a workout during your work-from-home day, the normal strike-mission gym routine probably isn’t in the cards just yet. And with the weather warming up and summertime on the horizon, what better way to get creative with your fitness routine (and practice your social distancing) than with a few challenging park workouts.

The At-home Workout George Kittle Uses to Build Unilateral Strength and Power

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Breathing fresh air, soaking up rays of sunshine, and getting after it in an open grassy field—perhaps with the assist of a bench or resistance band—is a perfect recipe to feel that wonderful burn. All you need now is a few workout tips and tricks to make the most of your new outdoor gym.

5 Feel-Good Workouts to Do When You’re Tired and Stressed

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From tugging the kiddos in a sled, to utilizing a simple park bench, we’ve rounded up a few clever park workouts to maintain your athletic goals with very minimal equipment and facilities. The ingenuity of athletes cannot be stifled—and we bet the daily dose of vitamin D will suit you well.

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